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Miraflores tourist information

Miraflores is the tourist district of Lima, has a modern infrastructure, highlighting the malls, streets tidy and safe. Its green areas are comfortable and calm and has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean you can walk calmly in Miraflores.
In Miraflores there is a great number of hostels, restaurants offering both local and international dishes, all these services are offered at all economic levels. For the fun can attend the theater, cinema, or an art gallery, Miraflores has an active cultural life. The discos and pubs that are very busy, try our delicious Pisco Sour and enjoy the movement is spectacular weekend.
A central route that can traverse on foot is from the "Ovalo" Miraflores, which connects to Central Park, here are the main church and the famous "Pizzas Street," the oval began Avenue Larco, which has about 12 blocks, The entertainment complex called "Larcomar." On the way may find numerous Shops, banks, Bars, Discotec´s , clothing, Restaurant´s, etc.
If you want a superb view of the sea, traverse the entire route of the cliffs on the "Malecón de la reserva" and the "Malecón Armendariz". The visit "Parque del Amor" and shopping mall "Larcomar". This area is practiced in the flight (Paragliding), there are instructors of the sport if he dares to go miraflores from the air, at the bottom in "Waikiki" beaches and "Makaha" can practice surfing, it's quite an influx of fans to this type of adventure sport. 
Backpacker Family House enjoys a privilaged location in Miraflores one block to the Pacific Ocean, and exciting options are available for entertainment and leisure outside and inside of the hostel, for joggers the parks in front of the hostel offers a very pleasant´s areas to run, Surfers, and any people like to walk and search feel safe.

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The Green Coast
La Costa Verde, the beach area that joins six districts of the capital. From easy and immediate access for those who love the sea and swimming, surfing, jogging, paragliding or a simply leisurely walk relaxed and watching the sea.
Kennedy Park
Located in the heart of Miraflores, this park is very popular with the trade that is in its vicinity. In the evenings and weekends there are a number of artisans and painters who exhibit their works. Groups are also folk music and folklore. As well as groups of musicians. Nearby is the Pizza´s street, where a large number of Restaurants, Clubs and Pubs
Larco Mar Shopping mall 
Entertainment Center, one of the most largest Lima's mall, is also within 15 minutes from the hostel and offers excellent nightlife, bars, discoteks and good shopping, dining and entertainment options.
Love Park
Located on the top of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which opened on February 14, 1993 (Day of Love), rises in this beautiful place that represents a monumental sculpture "The Kiss" painted by the great Peruvian artist Victor Delfin.
It is the park where couples holding hands or embracing worship the love with a kiss or depositing her bouquet in the pool after the consecration of his wedding. A lovely spot to walk from the sea, where sentences are read romantic poets of Peru.
The Beach´s
on the fringe for the district of Miraflores, there is an exclusive area for surfers on its beaches.
Eight are the beaches that belong to Miraflores: The Pebbles, The Star, Redondo, Makaha, Waikki, La Pampilla, Punta Roquitas and Los Delfines.
The Archaeological Complex ‘Huaca Pucllana’
10 minutes by walk from the hostel, was an Administrative and Ceremonial Center of the Lima Culture, a society that developed at the Peruvian Central Coast between 200 AD and 700 AD. Located in today’s district of Miraflores the ‘Huaca Pucllana’ was built around 500 AD. ‘Pucllana’ is one of the most important ancient monuments in Lima. Located right in the middle of a modern residential area it is resisting the urban growth and reminding the Limeños every day about their archaeological patrimony. The complex consists of the archaeological ruins itself, a small site museum, an area for workshops, a small souvenir shop and a restaurant.
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Inka´s Markets
15 minutes by walk from the hostel (Av. Petit Thouars), you can find the handicrafts market, Lima's biggest and most complete.
Adress: Juan Moore 304, Miraflores (Reference: near to block # 12 in Av. Pardo)
Telephone: 051 (1) 447-4572
Celphone: 9981-96917

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